Frank H. Shapleigh (1842-1906)

Landscape painter Frank Henry Shapleigh was born in Boston in 1842. He served in the Civil War in 1863, after which he established a portrait studio in Boston. He began exhibiting at the Boston Athenaeum in 1864. He left to study in Paris from 1866-1869. When he returned, he shared a studio in Boston with John Appleton Brown and traveled west to Yosemite in 1870. During the latter part of the 19th century, he became one of the best known artists of the White Mountains, where he had a summer studio. His studio was located in the Crawford House, an upscale hotel in Mount Washington Valley, which attracted wealthy tourists to be his clients. He also kept a studio in St. Augustine, FL, beginning in 1886. He appears to have stopped painting around 1897 and he died in 1906.

Mountain Village c.1866

by Frank H. Shapleigh (1842-1906)

Medium DetailOil on canvas
Dimensions18 x 24 inches; Framed: 27 x 33 inches
Signed LocationUnsigned (Attribution)

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