M. Lewis Croissant (1900-1989)

M. Lewis Croissant, Vietnam veteran, engineer, and oil painter, specializes in fantasy, adventure and space travel subjects. His work has been described as “fancy fantasy.” Croissant’s paintings have been exhibited at many venues including the Isaac Delgado Museum of Art, the Art Association of New Orleans, Springfield Museum of Art in Massachusetts, the Annual Wind River Valley Exhibition, the Annual Latham International Poster Contest, Amateur Artist Association of America in New York City, the St. Augustine Florida Art Center, the Rotary County Fair and Ferguson Art Association in Missouri, the Northside Art Association, and in the St. Louis County Library Show.

The Captive Amazonian Albino

by M. Lewis Croissant (1900-1989)

Medium DetailOil on board
Dimensions28 x 35 inches
Signed LocationSigned and dated, lower right
Date Created1949
CommentsMerit Award, 1949, National Art Magazine, NY, NY

Statement on verso:
A painting in oils on binder board- Asiatic influence. A central albino figure sleeping on an Asiatic cushioned couch, chained by a Golden chain to her direct opposite, a black panther. The figure is accented by the midday light flowing through a grilled window. At her feet is an octagonal table covered with a scarf and a single vase containing a Damask rose. A pannikin of fruits on the floor and at her head an albino macaw on a decorative wrought iron perch. The backdrop or wall containing one Moorish arched doorway embellished by wrought iron work and draped in silken portiere, concealing the upper half of the captive’s jailer (or master) in Asiatic costume. The wall is further decorated by a shelved brass decorative vase and a two-headed brass oil lamp of wrought iron work added to balance the painting. The entire painting is mounted in a handmade frame of wood with aluminum foil overlay.

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